Why PlotPath?

Insights, Insights, and More Insights

Five Reasons to Work with Plotpath for Your

Business, Finance, and Accounting Needs

1We Know What Financial Concerns Keep You Up at Night

Our team will provide your business with financial metrics.

Do you worry if you have enough cash to fund your business operations?

Are you unsure which areas of the business are draining your cash and which could be more profitable?

Do you have enough working capital to fund the business if sales slow down? For how long?

If questions like these are keeping you up at night, PlotPath can help you get some rest. Our financial team provides reporting and analysis that answers these and other questions about your business and helps you make more informed decisions on a day-to-day basis.

2Our Financial Team Delivers Reports, and a Whole Lot More

PlotPath metrics go beyond the standard P&L and balance sheet data.

First, we create a best-practice chart of accounts and adapt it to your reporting needs, to help you understand how your business is truly performing day-to-day.

Then, once we complete all the necessary steps to close the books – ensuring the accounting is accurate – we populate our custom-designed, proprietary KPI package with your financial data. Our KPI package includes detailed metrics that business owners don’t typically see but need to know in order to run the business based on numbers.

With this information you can make decisions that can improve cash flow and profitability.

3We Empower You With Financial Insights

Making business decisions with confidence requires timely, accurate, and useful financial data.

PlotPath provides the financial data insights you need to know how your business is doing and to determine where efficiencies can be achieved and profitability improved.

For example, metrics we provide, like Net Working Capital and coverage, can help you determine if you can make that big equipment purchase, expand your warehouse, or hire more FTEs.

Let us empower you with better financial data.

4We Become an Extension of Your Team

PlotPath's Financial Team

From day one, we get to know your team and your business so that we have a crystal clear understanding of where you are – and where you’d like to be.

We work continually and collaboratively with your financial team to ensure your business financials are rock solid and truly representative of your business operations.

Your partnership with PlotPath results in a fluid working relationship with better overall communication so you can move beyond ad hoc decision making to a place of thoughtful planning and profitable growth.

5Our Financial Team Can Do Anything a Chief Financial Officer Can Do, and More

Quite simply, if it falls under the CFO’s domain, we can handle it.

From single service or product businesses to highly complex operations, PlotPath has the expertise and breadth of services to ensure we can meet your company’s specific needs.

We meet you where you are in terms of your business’s maturity, finance and accounting complexity, and your in-house resources to help guide you to sustainability and growth.

  • Insight

    • Metrics (KPIs)
    • Burn Rate and Cash Runway
    • Budget vs Actual
    • Profitability by LOB
    • Financial Strategy
  • Reporting

    • Financial Statements and Reporting
    • Accrual (GAAP) Accounting
    • Chart of Accounts (LOBs)
    • Items, Products, Services
    • Departments, Channels Classes, Locations (Regions)
  • Transactions

    • Customers – A/R, Invoices, Payment, Collections
    • Vendors – A/P, Bills, Payment
    • Employees – Salaries, Deductions, Benefits, Time tracking, Owner Compensation
  • People

    • Experienced CFO, Finacial Controller (CPA), Certified Bookkeeper and Analyst
    • Dedicated and Responsive
    • Collaborative and Communicative
  • Process

    • Chart of Accounts (LOBs) and Reporting Dimensions Design and Maintenance
    • Revenue Recognition
    • Direct Costs (COGS) and Expense (Opex) Recognition and Matching
    • Monthly Close and Report Preparation
    • Cash Projections
    • A/R, A/P and Payroll
  • Software

    • Accounting (General Ledger)
    • A/R, A/P, Payroll
    • Best Practice, Industry Standard
    • Implementation and Integration
    • Continuous Adaption