Solutions & Services

Comprehensive Accounting and Financial Solutions to Streamline Your Operations

PlotPath can do everything that falls within the CFO’s domain at any stage of your business journey. As your company scales, we not only grow with you, we help facilitate your growth path.

Financial Intelligence for the Road Ahead

In today’s economy, your business is always facing new challenges. PlotPath prepares you for all the twists and turns in the financial road ahead with advanced financial solutions, planning, and strategic guidance.

We Unlock the Power of Financial Reporting

Our team will provide your business with financial metrics.

We help our clients avoid the mistake of file and forget financial reporting.

We provide customized reports and statements that include analysis and forecasts with valuable insights into your company’s performance so you can make well-informed decisions.

Fast, Accurate, Complete and Easy to Understand

Our bookkeeping and accounting services lay the foundation for growth. Beginning with a best practice chart of accounts adapted to your specific reporting needs, we navigate through your existing records, track all income and expenses, and maintain a clear record of your business’s financial transactions. This means you will have the data you need to continually assess your business performance and identify trends or areas for improvement.

512 Solar Case Study:
Profitability Insights by Project

Many business owners struggle to answer key questions about profitability for a specific time period, line of business, product, client, or project. This understanding is a critical factor for operations, growth, and forecasting, yet the answers aren’t always easy to see. In raw form, financial reporting often falls short of providing insights that can guide the business towards strategic decisions.