Our Case Studies

512 Solar

Many business owners struggle to answer key questions about profitability for a specific time period, line of business, product, client, or project. This understanding is a critical factor for operations, growth, and forecasting, yet the answers aren’t always easy to see. In raw form, financial reporting often falls short of providing insights that can guide the business towards strategic decisions.

Dallas Entrepreneur Center

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps entrepreneurs start, build and grow their businesses. Through a number of innovation hubs across North Texas, The DEC Network provides access to expert education, knowledgeable mentors and a vibrant and like-minded community of entrepreneurs.

Mighty Citizen

Like most digital agencies, Mighty Citizen thrives on diversity. A full spread of creative services earns them bragging rights, not to mention their bread and butter. A mix of long-term, short-term and ongoing projects keeps the creative team buzzing. Unfortunately, it sometimes left the financial team scratching their heads.