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The PlotPath to Profitability

Running an agency is hard… running a profitable, cash flow-positive agency is really f#$*ing hard. You’ve built your brand, your team, your operations – your business – but you’re still struggling on the financial side. Cash is plentiful at times but tight at others. You know (or think you know) you’re profitable but not sure exactly when and where you make or lose money. Financial reporting and bookkeeping are draining too much of your time and pulling you away from business strategy. It’s time to plot a new path.

The PlotPath approach takes established, and soon-to-be established agencies with cash flow and financial operations challenges to a new level. We combine experienced staff (CFOs, controllers, and bookkeepers), best-practice processes, and data-driven systems to develop a forward-looking approach that improves cash flow, profitability, predictability, and growth.

Cash Flow

Manage and forecast your cash

Growth and change increase the financial complexity and risk of your business; demanding professional staff, efficient processes and integrated, data driven systems – and the experience to interpret and utilize it all. It’s challenging to find the right solution, but we get it right, and enable you to make smart decisions to accelerate growth.


By customer, project, product

Knowing your overall business profitability is key, but you need to slice and dice your performance by customer, project, line of business, geography, product line, and whatever way makes sense for your business. Our data-driven approach means you can drill-down on your profitability to make informed business decisions.

Invoicing and Bookkeeping

Timely customer invoicing

It sucks, but it’s gotta get done… invoicing – and doing it right is the only way to make sure your growing business has the cash it needs to function. We’ll implement a timely and accurate customer invoicing process, and all the related bookkeeping to get their money in your bank, fast!

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  • We had been looking for someone who would take the time to understand our business, make recommendations, cleanup our accounting software and chart of accounts, and become a partner to our bookkeeper and our tax accountant. PlotPath delivered all of that and more for Dragon Spirits Marketing, making recommendations and fixes that were simple but not originally thought of. We plan on keeping the PlotPath team on to support and advise us as we continue to grow. Highly recommend.”

    Lamar Romero Founder and Chief Executive Dragon Dragon Spirits Marketing and Promotion

  • We were up against a tight deadline and weren’t quite sure how we were going to finalize our financials ahead of tax time. PlotPath was able to quickly finalize our Balance Sheet and reconcile our Profit and Loss Statement. They also worked directly with our Enrolled (Tax) Agent to ensure reporting was accurate. The PlotPath team was professional and able to address our needs in a very short time-frame. Highly recommended!”

    Dwight Wilson Founder Collabriv

  • We hired PlotPath at the end of 2015 to perform an audit of our bookkeeping. Their attention to detail and understanding of how the strategy and tactics of bookkeeping impact high level business decision making has been a welcome asset to our team. PlotPath efficiently corrected past mistakes and implemented new financial strategies so we could report and forecast our business more accurately. They are responsive, professional and accurate. I would recommend PlotPath to any small business owner looking to build a more accurate backend financial system.”

    JP Novak President 512 Solar

  • “We were opening a branch of our software development firm in the United States for the first time (we’re based in Turkey). PlotPath was essential in guiding us through the steps and getting us up and running as a business. They helped us establish our EIN and LLC, got us set up on Xero to manage our books, and continue to do our bookkeeping and provide support on a monthly basis. The team at PlotPath has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to any business needing finance and accounting support.”

    Mustafa Başaran President NetBT USA

  • The PlotPath team’s blend of business and financial experience and talent make them well-equipped to serve as any business’ secret weapon. They are accounting experts AND recognize that building a successful business is a whole lot more complex than having a well kept set of financial records. Though they are great at the detail, where they are unique in the field is in their capacity and passion for understanding how to organize financial information to give entrepreneurs the insight they need to make data-driven, strategic decisions.”

    Natalie Glover Owner Natalie Glover Business Design

  • My only regret re Eric & his team at PlotPath is that I wish we had found & started to use them years ago. They’ve been a huge help in a major “books cleanup” project & now on an ongoing basis are helping us stay on top of the books far better than we were doing on our own in the past. Their assistance & insight have shed light on several business issues that we were able to adjust, & we’ve already saved more than their fee just by making those management improvements. A pleasure to work with & a tangible improvement to our bottom line – can’t say enough good things about the entire team. A+A+A+”

    Bill Decker Owner Decker Wealth Management

Meet the team

  • Eric Weynand

    Founder, CFO

  • Gary Beebe


  • Dillon Poss

    Financial Controller

  • Abbey Taylor