Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting is the Secret Weapon Behind Your Thriving Business

Detailed Financial Reports That Provide a Solid Foundation for Forecasting Future Revenues and Expenses

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting and analysis
  • Comprehensive financial statements
  • Reporting by dimension, customized based on your business needs – by line of business (LOB), channel, department, region, location, product, service, client/customer, and project.
  • Conversion to accrual-basis accounting and ongoing accrual and deferral recording and reporting
  • Revenue recognition & direct cost (COGS) matching, allocation, & reporting
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Debt, loan, and credit maintenance and reporting

Compact and Detailed One-Page Reports

We avoid overwhelming you with details you don’t need that cause you to lose sight of your business direction. We simplify financial reporting so you can avoid the guesswork and improve performance with a customized yet simplified one-page dashboard that quickly shows you how your business is performing.

Better Informed Decision Making

Accurate financial reports provide valuable insights into your company’s performance, allowing you to make well-informed decisions. For instance, by analyzing monthly financial statements, you might discover that a particular product category is consistently underperforming and can decide to change or eliminate that product. That’s the value of PlotPath insights.

Our team will provide your business with financial metrics.

Identify Cost Inefficiencies

Learn to track your expenses more effectively. When you do, you’ll discover potential cost inefficiencies, such as overspending on utilities or excessive inventory storage costs. Armed with this insight you can make changes that result in substantial cost savings and improved overall efficiency.

Mighty Citizen Case Study

Austin’s Mighty Citizen drives branding and digital transformation for mission-driven organizations. Nonprofits, governments, associations, and universities turn to them for great-looking websites, strong brands, and creative marketing initiatives. Like most digital agencies, Mighty Citizen thrives on diversity. A full spread of creative services earns them bragging rights, not to mention their bread and butter. A mix of long-term, short-term, and ongoing projects keeps the creative team buzzing. Unfortunately, it sometimes left the financial team scratching their heads.