Small Business Accounting – Staffing and the Cost of Hiring

Eric Weynand, Founder

Over the course of 30 years I have worked with many small business owners.  Across the board, their biggest woes include not only properly staffing their accounting and finance department, but also keeping people on board.  

A major challenge, even for stable small businesses, is in providing a path of growth for accounting team members. This can lead to career stagnation and turnover in the accounting department. Staff turnover is of course costly – both in hiring and training, as well as the risk that comes with every new hire.

Reduce Staffing Deficiencies

When your team experiences turnover, your business sacrifices productivity and efficiency.

In the meantime, your business risks getting stuck on a hiring treadmill as you look for the right long-term accounting solution. This costs you time and money – time spent sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and training.

Why not save that time and money by bringing in an expert in the field to take over the functions of the finance and accounting department? With the help of an outside service provider, you can ensure that the interruption to your daily operations is minimal.

At PlotPath Finance, on our engagements we take over the hiring and training risks so that the business has no interruption and experience of the finance and accounting department is seamless.