Assessment Test Instructions

General Instructions

  • You have one hour from the moment you submitted the Assessment Test Registration Form to upload your recording of the assessment test to a cloud storage platform (e.g. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, & WeTransfer) and email a link to
  • To record the assessment test make sure you have a screen recorder installed. Don’t have one? Loom, Snagit or ScreenPal are good options – they offer free versions and trials of the full version. Make sure to download, install, and test it before you take the assessment test. IMPORTANT: Some recorders have limits on recording length – it’s OK to upload/send multiple videos (in case the recording gets stopped and you have to restart it)
  • The test will assess your accounting knowledge, QuickBooks Online and spreadsheet skills and should take between 30 minutes and 1 hour. You should allot a maximum of 45 minutes for the QuickBooks Online portion to leave at least 15 minutes to complete the spreadsheet portion and upload the recording.
  • This is not a make-or-break test, it’s just one small element in our overall evaluation of candidates. If instructions on the test are not clear, make your best assumption and keep going. If you’re stuck, move on and come back later if there’s time.
  • The assessment is heavy on QuickBooks Online (QBO), but also includes accounting and spreadsheet elements. If you’re not comfortable in QBO, or a little rusty, don’t worry, do your best and submit nonetheless. We are looking for the best overall candidate, not necessarily the most experienced with QBO.

QuickBooks Online and Spreadsheet Test Steps

1. Start your screen recorder if you haven’t already, make sure you’re recording the entire monitor in which you’re working (not just one window).

2. Log out of any existing QuickBooks Online instances and access the QuickBooks Online test drive company at

3. In Bank Transactions, on the Checking account, match the Tim Philip Masonry transaction for $666 to the PG&E Bill for $86.44, book the $579.56 difference to Office Expenses.

4. Reconcile the checking account as of today with ending balance $1,449.74. Clear all transactions except the $666 bill payment and the most recent two checks. Finalize the reconciliation. If you’re not able to reconcile, Save for later.

5. Write off the $4 balance on the Freeman Sporting Goods | 55 Twin Lane invoice #1005 with a credit memo dated last day of prior month. You’ll need to create a Bad Debt Product/Service and Account in the process.

6. Merge the Commissions & fees account into the Bank Charges account.

7. Run a Profit and Loss report by month, for All Dates, that includes the Gross Profit % and excludes decimals on dollar amounts; shrink the report to show only parent accounts.

8. Drill down on the Total Expenses number to show the expense transactions.

9. Export the transaction report to Excel and open it. Download it here (click File>Download, don’t request edit access) if you’re not able to in QuickBooks Online so you can complete the next step.

10. Create a pivot table of the exported expense data that shows total expense amount by vendor, sorted in descending order by amount.

11. Download the Excel workbook here (click File>Download, don’t request edit access) and complete the five questions (one on each tab).

12. End your screen recording, upload to the web, and email a link to